Saturday, July 12, 2014


So you ditched the comlink, the knife and the jacket (seriously who wears orange?), however a gun is a gun after all.

So you settle into your apartment and decide its time to make this gun yours. Ha well changing ownership of an item isn't as romantic as it sounds. First of all you need the right tools. Next you need the right skills. That's an extended Hardware+Logic [Mental] 24, each roll of the dice takes an hour in game time. Sort of sucks you took logic as a dump stat right? Well at least you have enough sense to hand the gun over to the tech in the group.

Settling down to work on the pistol, she breaks out her hardware toolkit and gets down to business. Now she's no slouch so we'll assume she gets 4 successes per roll. So it takes her 6 hours to convert the gun's ownership over to you.

Well that's assuming things go perfectly, but if a glitch happens that's when things get especially nasty. See ownership is tricky business. If you glitch on the roll that means the item calls the cops. Yup, you just got this Ares Predator off a dead ganger and now its dialing KE.

So now your tech is in trouble, KE is on the way. Her apartment has been identified where a stolen device is being tampered with. She needs to get her gear and get the hell out...pronto.

Depending on the GM this could mean her apartment is gone (it was used in an illegal activity), her fake SIN is burned (she was paying rent, right?) and she may be wanted (the gun was taken from a dead person). All this over a gun you could buy from your Fixer with little to no effort.

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