Saturday, July 12, 2014

P@wn St@rz

Man that was one hell of a firefight, you and your crew were attacked by some Halloweeners but you managed to defend yourself and now the enemy lays sprawled on the ground.

OK so it really wasn't all that epic, four gangers tried to mug you and your go-boys when you came out of a Soybucks in Touristville. You had mojo and chrome, they had ares predators. What the hell, time to loot some bodies!

Assuming the gangers all had the same gear you get:
Ares Predator: V: 725
Knife: 10
Armor Jacket: 1000
Sony Emperor Comlink: 700
- Total: 2435 per ganger.

Hot damn what a haul! That's almost 10K worth of gear just for getting soykaffe...and you got soykaffe because of your Mild Addiction (yet another topic). Time to hit up the pawn shop and see what you can get for this stuff.

First you need to find a shady dealer, so that's an extended Etiquette+Charisma [Social] 10 roll with an interval of 2 days. Hope your Face has been reading How to Make Friends and Not Shoot People.

Four days later you stroll into Rizzo' Pawn shop and lay out the gear. He looks over it and rubs his chin thoughtfully. He gives you a offer but you know he's lowballing you. They always do. The Face steps up and slaps on a plastic smile then the haggling begins. We'll assume there's no net hits on the Charisma+Negotiation roll, Rizzo is a bit of a prick. So you get 2426 for the lot. Why not 2435 you might wonder? The knife is worthless, it is legal and has no availability at most he might give you a nuyen or each.

You think  to yourself, "Screw this, it took us two days to FIND this guy and now he's trying to screw us? Well forget that we'll go to someone we know."

Good idea, you go to your Fixer and he looks at you like you're crazy, but hey cash is cash right and you do good work now and then. Let's assume your contact is a Loyalty of 3, fairly solid working contact. With nuyen in your eyes and scorn for Rizzo fresh in your mind you wait for the offer. Teeg offers you 1461, no questions asked.

What the hell? You've worked with this guy for over a year, you've done good work. Sure you monowhipped a guy, got most of your team on the trid that night but it all worked out in the end. How's he offering less than that mook Rizzo?

Simple, a contact offers you 5% of the gear's value times their loyalty rating. You actually come out worse than the 25% offer a random fence would give you.

"FINE, I'll use the stuff myself, a gun is a gun right?"

Ah ownership, I'll cover that in my next post.

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