Friday, July 11, 2014

Shadownoob evolution pt 1

Ah the internet, hotbed of creativity, enthusiasm and often times a shallow grasp of the subject matter. Shadowrun is a semi-complex game, it involves at least three overlapping "worlds".
You have the Mundane that everyone interacts with.
You have the Matrix which technically everyone interacts with but functionally only a few really thrive.
Then you have the Magic world that are the Awakened's domains.
Each has its draw to people that are new to the game, but not all "roles" are suitable for new players to jump into. So I will start with what I feel is the best "newbie" role.
The Sprawl Ganger: Here is the best archetype for a newbie looking to get into shadowrun. You're a mundane, you have a few connections in the sprawl, you've got a little chrome but nothing too complex, you've got muscle and an attitude.
  • The Sprawl Ganger allows a new player to soak in the atmosphere of a game, learn the ropes as it were and pick a direction they wish to go towards. Also, if the sprawl ganger leaves the team to make way for the new character...its not a huge loss.
Now you've done your time as a Sprawl Ganger and you're thinking of picking up something a little more complex. You need to think what suits you. Not what looks cool, but what suits you.
Do you like to shoot guns or punch people in the face? Street Sam or Physical Adept. Faster, stronger, more skilled but still a pretty "basic archetype."
Are you an extrovert? Do you sort of like the mastermind role? Then a Face would be a more complex mundane role to try. On the surface, a face seems easy but really its not. You have to be proactive, you have to be working angles to get things done. You can't go up, try to talk to someone then just monowhip them when things don't immediately work out. To me they're a very "think outside the box" role to play.
Moving up in complexity would be the magic user. To me at least, a mage has less to learn. You learn what your spells do, what your spirits do, what your drain is and what you can do in the astral. Ready? OK go!
Lastly comes the Matrix types which to me are often the most complex role for people to play. Not only do you need to know what your gear can do, you need to learn a whole new set of actions you can do per round. In addition you need to often know both sides of the rules, you roll A&B the system rolls X&Y and the result of the roles iiiiiisss? It helps speed along the Matrix when you can help the GM along. When two people are trying to get a handle on the Matrix rules it can really slow down a run.
Then lastly there's the technomancer. You have to learn the Matrix actions that a decker needs, you need to learn both sides of the rules like a decker does, and then to top it off you need to learn the Resonance rules. Sprites, complex forms, fading, registering. Its a madhouse, a madhouse!

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