Monday, July 14, 2014

Pink Mohawk vs Black Trenchcoat

I freely admit I lean more towards the Black Trenchcoat way of playing cyberpunk. While I liked the Smokin' Aces films I really don't want to play in a game where one fires explosive filled dwarfs from a circus cannon "as a distraction".
Sure, blowing up things from time to time can be fun, but when a game boils down to "we're going to need a bigger boat/more guns," it just gets down to dice pool measuring contest.
As a GM I try to make it clear what sort of game I am running from the start. This is because it really sort of sucks for you to spend days of free time working on a session only to have players say, "Let's just blow up the building."
One thing I often see from Pink Mohawk players is they want to cause mayhem, burn and pillage but then they just sort of want the repercussions of their actions to be glossed over, or presented in a format that lets them blow up, burn and pillage the fallout from their last rampage.
To me that's more like playing a FPS than a RPG, while some might enjoy it, its just not my cup of tea. If I wanted to spend hours dealing with how much ammo someone has, the ballistic arc of grenades thrown and how many mobs are inside the building I'd play a FPS. At least there I don't have to spend as much time prepping for a game.

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